Bucket List: Yankees @ Fenway

Fenway Park, Boston Mass
I’ve always wanted to see the Yankees play at Fenway

It was a hot day in August but I finally got my wish. Going to Fenway was a strange experience for me, there was both a sense of aww and a sense of weirdness. This place is the home to so much history, which I respect, but at the same time, it’s enemy territory.

Fenway is one of the few historical ball parks that is still standing. While someone still comes out of the Green Monster to update the scores between innings, it also has modern screens with graphics that mimic it’s historic look. It reminded me of the old Yankee Stadium in some ways, but unlike Yankee Stadium, it was packed! I know Fenway has a historical streak of sell out games, which explains why the seats are so tight in there.

Fenway Panoramic Photo

I went in a Yankees shirt, people said we were being brave, but others than some heckling from the vendors on the way in, everyone was quite nice. We had Yankee fans around us too, including one only a few years old, so I’m sure that helped. What surprised me though is that most of the people present were Boston fans. I try to get to at least a half dozen home games in NY and any games against Boston will see at least half the place in red. Any games against teams further away will be 20-30% or higher. In Boston against the Yankees? We were maybe 10-20% of the fans.

The game was good, until it wasn’t, but we made a run of it in the 9th. Final Score Boston 5, New York 3. Read a full game recap here.

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