“Lots of Love” Knit Baby Blanket Pattern

"Lots of Love" Baby Blanket: Heart Detail (middle)
“Lots of Love” Baby Blanket: Heart Detail

Babies, babies, babies, seems like there are a lot of weddings and babies around me lately. What better reason to design a new baby blanket pattern than for an expectant friend? Hearts are a common pattern element for knitting since they are easily broken down into a geometric pattern that translates to stitches. I will be posting a written instructions version shortly but here are the chart instructions for the time being.


2.5 Skeins Caron Simply Soft Yarn (Approximately 850 yards)
Size 8 circular needles (27 inch cable or longer)

Finished Measurements: 40” wide x 30” tall


  1. Download the “Lots of Love” Baby Blanket chart pattern.
  2. Loosely cast on 153 stitches, do not connect for working in the round, turn and begin pattern. Work section 1 repeat  five times across throughout pattern.
  3. Work Rows 1 – 4 once, this is the bottom border, if the cast on stitches are causing these stitches to gather, restart pattern as this will cause the blanket to not lay flat.
  4. After Row 5, work Row 6. For all even rows until the top border, work as Row 6. Continue working in pattern until Row 18.
  5. Work Rows 19 – 42 in pattern seven times, or until blanket is approximately 28 inches high.
  6. Work Rows 43 – 56 once.
  7. Loosely cast off in knit/purl pattern.

Finished Blanket Photo Gallery:

Full blanket
“Lots of Love” Baby Blanket: Full blanket

Full blanket
Heart Pattern Detail (top)
Heart Detail (middle)
Heart Detail (bottom on angle)
Single Heart Detail (Close Up)
Heart Detail (bottom)

Tips and Customization:

I did not do a test swatch, but if you are using a different type of yarn or a different size needle the gauge is approximately 4 stitches per inch. If you need to adjust the pattern to make it smaller or larger, each pair of hearts is 26 stitches and there are 23 stitches for the 3rd heart and the border. Please adjust by adding or removing 26 stitch increments. For my blanket I made it 11 hearts wide which is 5 pattern repeats across and 153 stitches wide. If you wanted a 21 heart wide blanket you would need to cast on 283 stitches and repeat the pattern section 10 times across.

I made my blanket rectangular, if you wanted to make the blanket taller, add additional repeats of Rows19-42. For the 40×30 blanket, I worked 7 vertical repeats (that is to say row repeats rather than column repeats), for a square blanket it would be 2 or 3 more vertical repeats. I estimate that 3 full skeins of Caron Simply Soft will produce approximately a square blanket.

You could also make this blanket as a throw if you adjust the size (both horizontally and vertically), and pick a home friendly color.


Happy knitting! If you like this pattern, please favorite or cast on at Ravelry.

Note: I do not own a printer at home, so I have not tested the PDF for printing yet, revisions may come, if you have any issues please check back or leave notice in the comments.

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  1. Wow..awesome pattern Angelces! I really love it. I got some new ideas from you. Hearts are a common pattern element for knitting since they are easily broken down into a geometric pattern that translates to stitches but this designs could have great result. 🙂

    1. Wow that was a fast reply. Thank you so much Feriba. I got it now.Hope to try all the patterns lseitd by you.Also if I am not asking too much, can you upload videos of how to knit nice hats, cowls, bags, sweaters etc. I am new to the knitting world. I loved the way you presented. It is easy to understand for beginners like me. So I would prefer to follow your style for the advanced knitting also.

  2. Kathy Sue

    I really want to make this blanket, but I can’t get a clear copy. The pattern is slightly fuzzy and when I print it out, it is not clear enough to read the stitches. I have tried to highlight it and put it in Word (TextEdit in my iMac), but it can’t be done. Is this a problem between my Mac and your computer, or am I just not smart enough?!

  3. Linda

    I do not have very much experience with reading charts. I am really confused about Row 6 and it patterning all even numbered rows. It is especially confusing where the heart is since this would put a line of opposite stitches in the heart. What am I interpreting wrong?

  4. Alessandra

    Sorry for my elementary english. I’m an italian mom and i want to knit this blanket for my second baby (Alice) who will arrive on February.
    I have never read a knitting chart so i can’t do it.

    Your chart is :

    [ ] x ……. row 2
    row 1 x [ ] …….

    The key says:

    x = knit RS, WS purl
    [ ] = purl

    So, i have some questions 🙂

    The odd rows are the RS o WS?

    If they are RS i have this

    Row 1 (RS): K1 P1
    Row 2 (WS): P1 P1

    It’s ok?

    If they are WS i have this
    Row 1 (WS): P1 P1
    Row 2 (RS): P1 K1

    Some guides that i’ve found on the net say that odd rows on the left are WS and even rows are RS.
    But, looking the finished blanket photo, i’m not sure that it’s right for your chart.

    Thank you very much! Alessandra.

  5. Rose

    Hi. I am trying to download the adorable heart blanket chart and I can’t seem to “log in” to access it. Is there any other way you could send me the chart. It is soooooo cute I really would love to use it in making a blanket for my, on the way niece. Thanks, Rose

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