A “Nona’s” Guide to Knitting Left Slanting Decreases

When designing my next pattern (a baby blanket for another coworker) I was looking for the “best” way to knit left slanting decreases. Left slanting decreases are stitches that reduce the stitch count from the previous row while appearing to lean the stitches to the left, the most common being SSK (slip, slip, knit). There are also many types of right slanting decreases, the most popular of which being k2tog (knit 2 together).

In my Google Travels I found this site, called Nona Knits, which not only explains how to do several types of decreases, but also shows the end results of each type of stitch. I am most familiar with SSK (slip slip knit) and S1, k1, psso (slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over) but apparently many people have had this same issue because there are other custom variations as well which she covers.

My only complaint? I wish the photo was a bit larger (or that a larger version was available on click) so I could better see the detail of each variation. Do you have a favorite decrease style?

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