Hopatcong, High Point and Hawk’s Nest… Oh My!

High Point State Park Monument
High Point State Park Monument

Last weekend’s journey combined two of my favorite rides. Rode around Lake Hopatcong, then headed up to High Point State Park. It’s amazing to me how much difference there is in climate just a little bit further north from home. At my house, spring is in full bloom, the trees are green, the cherry blossoms are gorgeous and the grass could not be more vibrant. Driving up to the New York/New Jersey border was like changing seasons from spring back to winter. The sun, which was shining brightly at home, was nowhere to be found.

Standing at the highest point in the state of New Jersey, you can see the brown blend into green the further down hill you look. From the opposite side of the monument you can see Port Jervis, NY.

Port Jervis is home to many things, my two favorite being the old Erie turntable and the scenic highway known as Hawk’s Nest. The turn table is a massive wheel in a railroad yard where they still park NJ Transit trains. They used to use the wheel to turn train engines around, nowadays train engines just push when they’re in the back and pull when they’re in the front.

Port Jervis Erie Turntable
Erie Turntable, Port Jervis, NY


Hawk’s Nest is a biker’s dream road. The road hugs the side of the mountains along the coast of the Delaware rivier. Twists and turns along the road are banked perfectly for maximum enjoyment on a motorcycle.

Hawk's Nest
Looking up the Hawk's Nest scenic highway

The photo above was actually taken last fall, but it gives you an idea of what the road is like to ride on. The shoulder to the side is not quite wide enough for a car to park, and such becomes a hangout spot for bikers to enjoy the view in both directions. Watching the road offers a parade of motorcycles of all sizes, types and speeds. Mother nature competes with beautiful views of the Delaware. Either way you can’t go wrong.

The weather was warm, but not sunny like it was last time I was up that way.┬áHere’s the rest of the pics:


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